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At PUR Botanicals Skin Care, we offer a broad range of affordable skin care
products.  We carry the best lotion for dry skin along with a suite of products for all skin types, including those with the most sensitive skin, acne concerns, or aging issues. If you have
dry skin on the face or dry skin around the eyes, we have the specific products you need for a dramatically improved complexion.
In need of a gentle scrub? Papaya Crème Enzyme Polish is one of our best sellers! Looking for an effective firming lotion? Our Super Firming crème contains the latest ingredients to lift the skin’s underlying matrix. Our Gentle Eye Makeup Remover is like no other. It mimics real tears and removes stubborn eye makeup gently without pulling the delicate eye tissue.  Our Luminous Peptide Serum will help lighten with natural skin lighteners, evening out skin tone and discolorations while treating fine lines and wrinkles. Refreshing Anti-Puff Eye Gel will save you from puffy eyes in minutes! And our best selling moisturizer is also reasonably priced, Restorative Marine Moisturizer is one that everyone loves!
Like no other website, your personal on-line consultation with a licensed and experienced esthetician comes free, just for visiting, no obligation! Fill out and submit our online Skin Analysis by clicking here and you will receive advice within two business days that will include product recommendations and directions for their use!
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Check out About Us to learn more about the evolution of 
PUR Botanicals Skin Care and its founder, Anne Hartney-Mayes. 
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